what exactly is my calling?

Monday, July 3, 2017

let’s chat about vocation. not vacation, although that would be nice, we’re going to talk about vocation.

first, what is vocation? vocation is what you feel called to do. example: “my vocation is to be a first grade teacher” (that’s not my vocation, but you get the idea). A lot of people will simply say, “this is my calling” or “God has called me to...”

second, how do you find your vocation? now this is where a lot of people won't agree with me, but just hear me out. we all have the same vocation/calling. we have all been called to share the Gospel with the world. now, before you stop reading and tell me to shut up, listen. God didn’t call you to teach math to third graders or simply serve food at a restaurant. God called you to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Now, he may have placed you in various positions to do that and a lot of times we confuse those positions with our actually calling.

Now, if that doesn’t make sense take me for example. I serve as an intern in Northridge Student Ministries, not because I feel like this is my “calling” but because I am using interning to fulfill my calling. I am using student ministries to share the Gospel with students who are at the most vulnerable stage in their lives. I am using student ministries to better equip myself to share the Gospel with a variety of people. I don’t feel called to simply own a cafe, but rather to use my cafe to proclaim that Jesus is king and to bring more children home to Him. I don’t feel called to be a wife, but rather to have a partner to help me share His love and hope. I don’t feel called to be a mother, but rather to share the Gospel with my future children and to equip them to also share the Gospel. I wasn’t called to own a cafe, be a wife, be a mother, serve in student ministries, live in Michigan, write this blog post, or drink this cup of coffee that I am currently drinking; I was called to share Jesus’ truth with the world, and so were you!

third, but how come I was taught my whole life that Jesus will call me to my vocation? Because Jesus will call you to your vocation, He will call you to serve Him. Now, Jesus is going to call you into various positions, but those aren’t your number one vocation. Your number one vocation that He calls you to, is to be a disciple, to evangelize, to serve Him, to share the Gospel. I read an article, while researching the topic of vocation and it said, “The calling to follow Christ lies at the root of every other calling.” (source) Now, this is simply saying that no matter what you do in life or feel like you are “called” to do, your main calling is to follow Jesus.

fourth, why does the church emphasize on calling and vocation so much if we all have the same one? because God has called us all to belong to Him and to work for Him. the church teaches that in order to do both, we must follow where God calls us to work, which is absolutely true. But, it is also true that we are all essentially called to do the same thing, to use our jobs and positions in life to serve Jesus. If the church emphasized on the fact that we are called to share the Gospel through our jobs and positions, rather than have a job and serve God as two separate things than we’d bring more people to Jesus and be filled up with grace.

and last but not least, what authority do I have when it comes to telling you all this? I really don’t have any. all I know is that God has called me to use my blog as a platform to express His truth and what He teaches. Also, I woke up at 3 am from God speaking very loudly at me, to write this blog post. So hi, I’m Aubrey Sochacki. I have average Bible knowledge and I am a servant of the King, but I really don’t have any authority on any of the topics I blog about. So, if you’re being stirred up and questioning all that you’ve ever known about about vocation, then simply pray about it. Because I might not have the authority on this topic of vocation and calling, but you know who does? God does.

xoxo, Aubrey

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