things i learned the summer before sophomore year

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

this summer has blown by, like i'm serious, where did it even go? one minute i was checking out of my dorm room and the next thing i know, i'll be picking up the keys to my apartment. i'm freaked. although this summer was way too fast, i still found time to learn some valuable lessons.

01. although you think you can take an online math class, you shouldn't.

i took stats this summer and i wanted to quit so quick, but i still pushed through it. honestly, stats is one of the hardest classes for people, but it makes it even harder when it's online and you must teach yourself everything! i am never going to take a math class online ever again, and i don't think you should try to ever.

02. take chances and let God guide you.

i had my whole summer employment planned out and then it didn't actually work out how i planned, like at all. so here i am, working this internship that i LOVE, but not actually babysitting twice a week like i thought. so what do i do? i don't have money, i have student loans, i want to panic about everything. so i pray, a lot. i apply to shipt, and i get the job. i don't do it a lot, but at least i've made some extra money and hopefully i'll be able to pay my loan off in full by the end of the year. God will provide and He will make it all work out, just take that chance.

03. your friendships won't be the same.

you've changed, even if you don't think you have, you have. everyone changes, especially when they leave high school, go away to school, and then come back. you've made new friends at school and you've become who you're meant to be. you all know what you want, and typically, it's different things in life. it's okay if you're friendships have changed, you don't have to hate them because you never see them. let your friends do their thing, and let them know you still love them from time to time.

04. embrace chaos.

chaos is everywhere and the longer you hide from it, the more it is going to bother you. relax, tell God He is in control, and let it happen. chaos isn't all bad, i promise.

05.  k-cups are too expensive for me and probably you.

okay k-cups are great and all, but also cost a lot of money and are horrible for the environment. my mom bought me a french press and now i'll be making good coffee from trader joe's in my fancy french press. $13.99 for wake-up blend at trader's, heck yes!

so i didn't necessarily learn anything that was extremely important and life changing, but i did learn some things that were pretty good. i hope you take my lessons and use them in your life.


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