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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hello fellow poets (everyone is a poet, you just gotta work it)!
It is April, which means it is also National Poetry Writing Month (woot woot). And I meant to totally write this yesterday, but I'm a tad bit forgetful and busy sometimes (better late, than never). I wrote some poetry writing prompts for ya, for the month of April. Here we go!

  1. free write
  2. fears
  3. ode to someone you look up to
  4. how music makes you feel
  5. talk about a color, without saying the color
  6. take something out of your fridge and write about it (the weirder, the better)
  7. favorite childhood memory
  8. haiku about breathing (5-7-5)
  9. mental illness
  10. write something really, genuinely happy
  11. poem about your phone
  12. poem about your best friend
  13. something funny
  14. write a poem to someone you caught feelings for (yikes!)
  15. write a poem to your childhood crush (cringe)
  16. religion (cause Easter Sunday!)
  17. talk about your favorite store
  18. life goals or plans
  19. write a poem to your favorite poet
  20. write a poem to your someone you miss
  21. animals
  22. take a page of a book and write an erasure poem (
  23. write a poem inspired by another poem
  24. write an ode to water
  25. write a poem about what it feels like to say "I love you" (could be platonic or romantic)
  26. write a poem about addiction (caffeine for me) or idolatry (anything you focus on more than you focus on God)
  27. eyes
  28. smoke
  29. fire
  30. free write
And by the time you finish the month of April you will have written 30 poems! You're welcome homies! Happy Writing! 

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