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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This is the first post of my new mini series, Cure for Singleness. Now you're probably like, "Thanks Aubrey, I've been waiting for a cure for so long!" Yeah no I'm sorry, but this series is not about getting dates, or finding the man (I mean it's about finding a man, but not an earthly man) of your dreams (the only man of your dreams is Jesus, no man can be perfect!) This series is just a little something that God has been laying on my heart lately, and I'm hoping that it helps you as much as it has helped me. So yeah let's begin!

finding them both
You can not find him (the man you will marry) until you fully and truly find Him (The perfect man, Jesus Christ); and men, the same applies for you, you will not find her (your future wife) until you find Him (Yet again, the only perfect person, Jesus). Here's my point:

Jesus at the center
When you have Jesus at the center of your heart, everything will fall into place. When you have Jesus you won't need another person to fuel your happiness, you will find all your joy in the Grace of God. When Jesus is at the center of your heart, you will not have to seek a spouse, you will never have to chase after them, when you fully love Jesus, him or her will find there way to you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

actively seeking
If you are actively seeking a spouse, then you are not actively seeking God. If you are actively seeking God, he will bring you someone, when the time is right. We can not put someone at the center of our heart, because then there is no room for God. To find a godly woman or man, you must be a godly person yourself, you must be drenched fully in the love and Grace of Jesus Christ. When we have the love and Grace of our God, we don't need anyone or anything to make us happy.

God created woman for man, because man needed a companion. Man needed a prayer partner, man needed a friend, man needed a support system, man needed an advocate. Relationships aren't meant to fuel your happiness and energy, they're meant to help fuel your relationship with God.

the only cure
The most important thing in your life is God and your relationship with Him. If you plan on curing this singleness, you can only find that cure in God. A relationship will not cure singleness, unless you have already found God. God uses our singleness as a learning process, as a time to grow closer to Him before you can grow close to him or her. Singleness is God's way of preparing us for a marriage, centered only around Him. Singleness doesn't need a cure, because you're never going to be alone when you have the Lord in your heart.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you." / / Matthew 6:33 CSB

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