excerpt from my journal no. 41

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hi there! It is currently 11:15pm and I am for some reason writing this blog post. I really should be sleeping, but I feel like I need to do this before I peace out for the day.

Last week I had this big plan to post numerous blog posts and then I lost power for four days. In those four days, I realized that maybe God wanted me to rethink those posts or maybe not post them at all. So after a lot of prayer, thought, and waking up at odd hours of the night to draft poems; I decided it was time to post something.

Without further ado, here is a poem I wrote at 12:30am.


i had a dream
last night
that i was dancing
hand in hand 
with you
the one i lost
or maybe the one
i never even had

my feet on yours
my guide always
as we floated
across the room
i felt you slowly
slipping away

i had a dream
last night
a dream in which
we danced
as if 
we were somehow
still together

Sometimes I really hate my poetry and I'm just like "ew Aubrey shut up" and other times I love my poetry and I'm like "yes Aubrey slay!" Right now I am loving my poetry, especially this one! I hope you love it as well. 

Until next time, Aubrey out! 

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