excerpt from my journal no. 38

Thursday, January 5, 2017

hello citizens of whatever country you live in! I am currently singing "Oh Canada" to my family over and over again, even though I'm not Canadian. It's okay, they love me. Sometimes I wish I was Canadian, I mean it's a great place, here's a list of reasons why I love it (Except it doesn't have Trader Joe's so it's a no for me).

  • Roots
  • Justin Trudeau is quite attractive
  • Tim Horton's
  • Hockey
  • Amanda is Canadian
  • Milk in a bag
  • They have the best accents ever
  • Some of my favorite people are Canadian
  • Literally every HGTV show is based in Canada (PROPERTY BROTHERS)

Anyways, this is a journal excerpt. I think you all need one after my very serious post yesterday.


no matter the pain i am in
or what i'm going through

i have so much joy in my heart
because Jesus has rescued me

Well there you have it, the absolute truth! Jesus has rescued us all, and it's amazing! 

Shoutout to my Canadian homies and viewers, I love you and your country (hockey and Tim Horton's. I mean what else could you ever need?)!!!! (I love all my homies and viewers)

xoxo, Aubs

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