Prayers for Your Future Spouse

Thursday, April 20, 2017

If you need to recap you can do that here. (I've pretty much made this mini series a full blown series that is probably going to be the focus of my blog for a while.)

Praying is such an important part of our faith, it is a time for us to converse with our Almighty Father and talk to Him about everything and anything. He already knows what is on our hearts, but He wants us to come to Him and build a relationship. He so desperately wants us to pray for others, as well. If you haven’t noticed yet, this post is all about praying. It is specifically, about praying for your future spouse, because they need your love even before you know them. So get praying my friends!

Recently my friend, Maria, told me about a girl who was challenged to buy a tie to remind her to pray for her future husband every night. The story is a good one and reminds us all to continue to pray for our future spouses. God works in mysterious ways and this story highlights that. You can read more about this story here.

So Maria, Olivia and I were intrigued by this idea, so much so, that we decided to do it ourselves. We prayed that God would lead us to the exact tie that our husbands would receive from us on our wedding days, whether it be something funky or something more classic. We had such a fun time picking out a tie for our future men and praying for them. We went to several different department stores in the mall and looked at the ties, then we sat down at a couch in the middle of the mall and prayed. We prayed that God would lead us to the tie that would one day go to our future husbands. This was such an amazing experience, I was actually getting choked up thinking about it. Now we are writing letters to go along with our ties, which I will talk about a little bit later on in this series!

I don’t want to post pictures of our ties on here because I feel as if these ties are a very personal object, that we will one day share with our husbands and until then, they will remain private. Women, I encourage you to go out and buy a tie for your future husband. Men, I encourage you to go out and buy a bracelet for your future wife. I encourage you all to pray for your future spouse and pray for your own heart, that God will prepare you to one day be a husband or a wife. I hope that one day you and your spouse will be able to exchange “prayer-soaked” sentiments.

Below I have added a few prayers for your future spouse that I found on Pinterest. Don't be surprised by the power of prayer. You might pray for something great, but end up with something magnificent! Happy Praying!

"Therefore I tell you, everything you pray and ask for-believe that you have received it and it will be yours." / / Mark 11:24 CSB

A Real Christian Love Story

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recap Time!
Week one: We talked about finding God before you find that person that you will spend the rest of your life with.
Week two: We talked about good relationships and how all things good come from God.
Week three: We talked about God being the only one who can fix brokenness.
To catch up more into depth click here.

This week, I wanted to do something totally different and present you with a real love story; this is the story about how my wonderful parents met. I decided to interview my mom about their marriage because they are really my biggest example on what a romantic relationship for Christ followers should look like. I hope you enjoy learning about a true love story, just as much as I did. Now, I present to you: Bob and Rochelle!

Aubrey: Let’s start with something fun! How did you two meet?
Mom: We met at our mutual friend’s bonfire but never talked or saw each other after that until a year later when we met each other again at another mutual friends’ wedding.

Aubrey: How did you know that you two were meant for each other?
Mom: I was seeking something different then I had ever sought before; I was looking for someone who had things in common with me and I was looking for someone whose actions spoke louder than words. I prayed for someone like your dad and found him.

Aubrey: How has God shaped your relationship with each other?
Mom: With both of us having faith and the same beliefs it's just an unspoken understanding that what we believe is right and just, in the way that you should live your life and raise your family.

Aubrey: After being married, how has your expectations of love changed?
Mom: With your dad, the love I've felt with him in our lives is way beyond romance; it's a mature love and it's for every circumstance. We've been through a lot of hard times and they haven't made us weaker.

Aubrey: What do you think are the guidelines for a successful romantic relationship for Christians?
Mom: For Christians, putting God and His word first.

Aubrey: To you is there a difference between love and romance?
Mom: Yes, love is never-ending. Love is there when there is no romance.

Aubrey: What are your love languages?
Mom: Acts of service

Aubrey: Hypothetically, If I were getting married and asked what you thought was the most important thing you've learned about how to have a successful relationship, what would you say?
Mom: Get over things, don't make love a competition or keep score.

Aubrey: Any advice for someone who is actively seeking God and also looking for a significant other?
Mom: Look for someone who is also seeking God and pray!

Aubrey: One more thing, what is the biggest focus of your relationship?
Mom: God and loving each other and our family.

So see, there you have it. A wonderful example on what a romantic relationship looks like for Christians. I hope this was fun to read! These two are my inspiration, I want a relationship like theirs! Continue seeking God and He will send someone your way!

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” / / Proverbs 18:22

they're not yours to fix

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

If you need to catch up on this series, click this link.

I have been asking God for a lot of help with this series because as many of you know, I am not at all an expert (or even a beginner) in the romantic relationships department. So there I am, watching one of Steven Furtick’s sermons and he says something about how you are not Joanna Gaines and this is not Fixer Upper and I just felt like God wanted me to talk about that somehow. So here I am now, contemplating how exactly God wants me to relate relationships to an HGTV show. I pray that my hands becomes God’s hands and write this to you from God, through me. Here we go.

we’re all broken
Raise your hand if you’re a broken person. You’re lying if you didn’t raise your hand, because the truth is we are all broken and sinful. We are all giant screw ups and mental illness ridden messes. We have all fallen, had our hearts broken, grieved, been addicted, hated someone, etc. We are super duper broken and super duper unfixable, that is, if another person tries to fix us.

you’re broken
You’ve been hurt before, you’ve felt defeat, you’ve lost your way, you’re still hurting and probably will be for a while. You try to find a man or a woman who will fix you. You search high and low for that person, but the one who will fix you is right beside you; God wants to fix you. God wants you to be made new again, He hates to see you suffering. Don’t ask God for a person to come along and make you better, ask for Him to make you better.

they’re broken
Imagine this: You meet someone who you genuinely like as a person, but they have ghosts in their life. This person has serious issues, issues you have never had to deal with, but you are so infatuated with them. This person likes that you care for them, but they can’t care for you in return because they’re way too broken. You can’t fix them. You can’t take all the shards of their heart and glue them together, you sure can try, but it won't work. “But Aubrey, they have potential! I can help them!” Yes you can help them; by being there for them, by leading them towards Our Healer, by being a prayer partner. But you cannot be in love with them, not now anyways.

God uses the broken
So yes, we’re all super broken and we can try and fix the other broken people. We cannot date those who have potential, those who need fixing. And we cannot seek someone who will fix us, because they can’t. We were not made to fix other people’s brokenness or even our own. We were made to surrender our brokenness to God and to ask Him to fix it, to use our brokenness for His glory. God is a Healer, such a mighty Healer! God is the only one who can repair a shattered heart and a shattered soul. Don’t date someone who is broken, lead them to God, pray for them, and see where God places you. Stop searching for someone to fix you, when God is the only one who can!

“If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.” / / Psalm 34:18 MSG

excerpt from my journal no. 42

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hello friends! This post is for any of you who didn't see my most recent poem on my poetry page or just really love to reread my poetry! So in 3 words or less it's, journal excerpt time!


they are my famiglia
they are italian, polish and maltese,
probably a lot of other things too
we're basically mutts
there are five of us, if you include the dog
they are the best

there's my mom; 
i call her "ma" or "woman" or "mom" or "mama" or "rochelle", if i want to irritate her
she's the best cook in the world
she always calls me her "bambina"
and sings me songs and writes me cute notes
she's my best friend and biggest fan (sorry dad)
i'm convinced she can read my mind, 
even when i'm 2 1/2 hours away, she can tell when something's wrong
she's the best mom in the world

and then, there's my dad;
i call him "dad" or "daddy" or "bob" because he doesn't seem to care
he's hilarious and actually tells good dad jokes
he loves talking about 
government conspiracies and
new health trends he's trying
he calls my mom just to say "i love you" and buys me flowers on valentine's day because "i want you to know what a man should do for you one day"
he's so great, i hope i marry a man like bob one day

and there's my brother;
i call him "bro" or "broski" or usually just, "bobby"
he loves me with all his heart
but cannot hug me
because his ocd clouds his mind
he's funny and loves the oldies
he also loves trips to chipotle with me
he won't tell me about girls 
because "you'll tell mom," but will talk to me about everything else
gosh i love him with all my heart too

and there's my dog;
who we all call "boo" and sometimes i call him some random nickname
he's so cute, but super vicious
one minute he'll be curled up in-between your legs and the next?
he's attacking you and biting you in the lip
he's scared of thunderstorms and fireworks and people, really he's scared of everything
he's not perfect, but he loves me and i love him

and then, there's me;
they call me "dee-dee" or "aubs" or plain old, "aubrey"
i'm the first born pain in the butt, 
who's dream is to marry a nice christian man, own a cafe, adopt children, have children, and just have a great family
currently, i'm in college, missing my great family
my current dream would be, sitting on the couch with my dog on my lap, my mom cooking in the kitchen, my dad hanging out in the garage building something cool, and my brother playing video games and complaining about me taking over the bathroom we share.

can you tell i miss them?
can you tell i love them?

So there you have it, a poem about my wonderful family! Have a great day and I will see you all again next week! 

If it’s not good, it’s not God

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

If you missed last week’s post, please read that before you check out this post! This series is very important and I don’t want you to miss out on a single (ha get it? cause it's about being single ha) thing!

So many of us have had horrible relationships, sometimes they’re ungodly and sometimes we think they’re godly, but they’re just hard and painful. If you’re relationship is not good, it is not God’s final destination for you.

wants vs needs
Sure, God will put in you in relationships, relationships you think are everything you’ve ever needed, but they’re only everything you’ve ever wanted. Our wants and our needs are so different. Our wants are not usually what God knows we need. Maybe you want someone who you’ve gone to church with, or someone of the same denomination, or someone who worships in the same way as you; but God knows that’s not what you need. God will show you that relationship you want and then he will help you realize, that it is not what you need. And yes, it will hurt, but in the end you will be closer to God’s plan for you and you will have learned so much! But what God knows you need, is going to be better than anything you have ever wanted! When God gives you what you need, it’s going to be an adventure. It probably won’t be comfortable at first, but you will grow. A relationship isn’t meant to be easy all the time (that would sure be cool if it was). How are you supposed to grow in your faith if you’re never challenged?

how to know if it’s good
There really isn’t one way to distinguish if a relationship is good, because there are so many factors to consider. I can tell you, however, that a relationship is not good when:
  • they constantly put you down
  • you’re the only one putting in effort
  • they’re lustful
  • they constantly question your denomination and make fun of your worship practices
  • they talk to you like they’re superior (remember, we’re all equal in the eyes of God)
  • they aren’t holding you accountable
  • they aren’t your advocate
  • they aren’t praying with you or for you
  • they want you to put them first (God is always first in your heart, remember last week’s post?)
  • they aren’t fully drenched in God’s love (again, last week!)
  • they aren’t actively seeking God
These are just a few, but I’m sure you have your own personal standards. If someone doesn’t meet God’s standards or your standards, they’re probably (I’m like 1000% sure that if they don’t meet God’s standards) not the one for you.

if it’s not good, it’s not God
Now, I’m NOT saying that if your relationship has some bumps in the road, then you should break up and move on. I think every relationship has potential, if it is God’s work. If your relationship is not good at all, and the other person is not a godly person, then it is not God’s work. If you need a reminder, a daily motivation, or just something to repeat to yourself while in a relationship; it’s “if it’s not good, it’s not God.” Below I have made a little phone wallpaper for anyone who wants it. You could also write this quote down, tweet it, post it on Facebook, and share it with everyone. Share this truth with those around you, I’m sure they need it as much as you needed it, as much as I needed it.

“Lord, do good to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart.” / / Psalm 125:4

key to a poet's heart

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hello fellow poets (everyone is a poet, you just gotta work it)!
It is April, which means it is also National Poetry Writing Month (woot woot). And I meant to totally write this yesterday, but I'm a tad bit forgetful and busy sometimes (better late, than never). I wrote some poetry writing prompts for ya, for the month of April. Here we go!

  1. free write
  2. fears
  3. ode to someone you look up to
  4. how music makes you feel
  5. talk about a color, without saying the color
  6. take something out of your fridge and write about it (the weirder, the better)
  7. favorite childhood memory
  8. haiku about breathing (5-7-5)
  9. mental illness
  10. write something really, genuinely happy
  11. poem about your phone
  12. poem about your best friend
  13. something funny
  14. write a poem to someone you caught feelings for (yikes!)
  15. write a poem to your childhood crush (cringe)
  16. religion (cause Easter Sunday!)
  17. talk about your favorite store
  18. life goals or plans
  19. write a poem to your favorite poet
  20. write a poem to your someone you miss
  21. animals
  22. take a page of a book and write an erasure poem (
  23. write a poem inspired by another poem
  24. write an ode to water
  25. write a poem about what it feels like to say "I love you" (could be platonic or romantic)
  26. write a poem about addiction (caffeine for me) or idolatry (anything you focus on more than you focus on God)
  27. eyes
  28. smoke
  29. fire
  30. free write
And by the time you finish the month of April you will have written 30 poems! You're welcome homies! Happy Writing! 

finding Him and finding him

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This is the first post of my new mini series, Cure for Singleness. Now you're probably like, "Thanks Aubrey, I've been waiting for a cure for so long!" Yeah no I'm sorry, but this series is not about getting dates, or finding the man (I mean it's about finding a man, but not an earthly man) of your dreams (the only man of your dreams is Jesus, no man can be perfect!) This series is just a little something that God has been laying on my heart lately, and I'm hoping that it helps you as much as it has helped me. So yeah let's begin!

finding them both
You can not find him (the man you will marry) until you fully and truly find Him (The perfect man, Jesus Christ); and men, the same applies for you, you will not find her (your future wife) until you find Him (Yet again, the only perfect person, Jesus). Here's my point:

Jesus at the center
When you have Jesus at the center of your heart, everything will fall into place. When you have Jesus you won't need another person to fuel your happiness, you will find all your joy in the Grace of God. When Jesus is at the center of your heart, you will not have to seek a spouse, you will never have to chase after them, when you fully love Jesus, him or her will find there way to you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

actively seeking
If you are actively seeking a spouse, then you are not actively seeking God. If you are actively seeking God, he will bring you someone, when the time is right. We can not put someone at the center of our heart, because then there is no room for God. To find a godly woman or man, you must be a godly person yourself, you must be drenched fully in the love and Grace of Jesus Christ. When we have the love and Grace of our God, we don't need anyone or anything to make us happy.

God created woman for man, because man needed a companion. Man needed a prayer partner, man needed a friend, man needed a support system, man needed an advocate. Relationships aren't meant to fuel your happiness and energy, they're meant to help fuel your relationship with God.

the only cure
The most important thing in your life is God and your relationship with Him. If you plan on curing this singleness, you can only find that cure in God. A relationship will not cure singleness, unless you have already found God. God uses our singleness as a learning process, as a time to grow closer to Him before you can grow close to him or her. Singleness is God's way of preparing us for a marriage, centered only around Him. Singleness doesn't need a cure, because you're never going to be alone when you have the Lord in your heart.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you." / / Matthew 6:33 CSB

Hey Jude, don't be afraid

Saturday, March 25, 2017

you were made to go out and get her, the minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better

Gotta love The Beatles, right? Especially this song!
Story Time: So when I was in NH with Angela, we were driving around and we were just jamming to this song along with a lot of other oldies! And then yesterday when I was in this shop downtown it came on again and I was just singing it to everyone, they probably wanted to rip their ears off, but whatever. Anyways, it's a great song!

Okay, moving on! Yesterday, my friends and I went to downtown Grand Rapids, which is always an adventure. Hanging out with my friends was very much needed, helped me get my mind off of my interesting week! And I feel bad for never blogging and never blogging with photos, so here ya go!

/ / shirt / / pants / / shoes / / sunglasses / / 

So I am starting a mini series soon, so be on the look out for that one! It's going to be fun for me and for you all! Anyways, have a great weekend! Enjoy yourselves!

love, Aubs


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello there!

Today I really want to share about my experience with Compassion International. For those who don't know, Compassion International is a Christian organization in which you sponsor a child who lives in poverty. Many times these children have been waiting for a sponsor for over 6 months, live in an AIDS-affected area, or live in an area with a high risk of exploitation or abuse. Compassion aims to end child poverty through the power of God and through sponsorship. Compassion has three main commitments; they are committed to Christ, to children, and to the church. Now if you just read that and you want to hear more about Compassion and my experience with it, just continue reading friend!

Compassion aims to change children's lives through God and through their sponsors, but Compassion has also changed my life. My family sponsors two children through Compassion. We began sponsoring both of our children in 2010.

We sponsor Diana, who is from the Philippines. Diana is one day older than me, which makes our sponsorship pretty unique. When I first began writing to Diana, our letters had to be translated because she did not speak English, but now we don't have to have them translated! Diana has become one of my best friends, we write each other frequently and are constantly praying for each other. I love Diana, like I would love a sister, and we are sisters, through God! Diana and I have never met in person and we have never talked outside of our letter writing, although we both hope to meet each other someday! I ask that you would pray for Diana and her family, pray for her health and for her studies.

We also sponsor Paul, who is from Tanzania. Paul is 11 years old and seriously loves his Bible studies and his language class. Paul's birthday is the same day as my Dad's, which is super awesome! Paul was 4 years old when we started sponsoring him, and it has really been a privilege watching him grow up. I ask that you would pray for Paul, that he would know Jesus more and for his health, as well.

Okay now, if you are seriously moved and thinking about sponsoring a child! You should, you should do it! Once I get a job, I am hoping to sponsor another child because I love it! Compassion works to change children's lives, but also sponsors' lives! Let God change your life through sponsoring a child today!

Also, 145,000 children from India have lost their sponsorships because the Indian government told Compassion that they could no longer receive funding from outside the subcontinent. I strongly urge you to speak up for these children by contacting Congress and continuing to pray for them! Jesus loves all the children, we should too! 

-Aubrey Sochacki

excerpt from my journal no. 41

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hi there! It is currently 11:15pm and I am for some reason writing this blog post. I really should be sleeping, but I feel like I need to do this before I peace out for the day.

Last week I had this big plan to post numerous blog posts and then I lost power for four days. In those four days, I realized that maybe God wanted me to rethink those posts or maybe not post them at all. So after a lot of prayer, thought, and waking up at odd hours of the night to draft poems; I decided it was time to post something.

Without further ado, here is a poem I wrote at 12:30am.


i had a dream
last night
that i was dancing
hand in hand 
with you
the one i lost
or maybe the one
i never even had

my feet on yours
my guide always
as we floated
across the room
i felt you slowly
slipping away

i had a dream
last night
a dream in which
we danced
as if 
we were somehow
still together

Sometimes I really hate my poetry and I'm just like "ew Aubrey shut up" and other times I love my poetry and I'm like "yes Aubrey slay!" Right now I am loving my poetry, especially this one! I hope you love it as well. 

Until next time, Aubrey out! 

right where I need to be

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm just going to be straight forward here, sometimes life is hard and things happen that we don't understand, but the truth is God knows what he's doing and we are exactly where he needs us to be. 

God has put me in so many places in my lifetime. He put me in the position to say goodbye to my two grandmothers, letting me show them love one last time. He has placed me in the single life for merely my whole life, which is a curse and a blessing. He has put me at a public university in a hospitality and tourism management program, when I thought I'd be at a Christian university. He has put me in a church that I absolutely adore, volunteering in an amazing student ministry program. He has put me in Cru up at Grand Valley, a place that has helped me grow so much in my faith. He has put me in a living center, where I have met some people that I hope to always call my friends. He put me in a household with the world's best parents, a wonderful brother, and the cutest dog ever. He put me in a boring city, but without this place, I wouldn't have met my best friends. He put me in such a position where I can share his truth with the world through my blog and my poetry. He put me on this Earth!

Often we complain about parts of our life, like where we live or our relationship status, but we're always exactly where we should be. God wants us right here, right now. God wants me writing this blog post, because he knows that someone needs to hear it. God has wanted me to be single for almost 19 years of my life for a reason, because he has laid out someone for me, who is worth waiting for. God wants me in Michigan, I would love to know why (kidding), because if I wasn't here I wouldn't have met so many people. God has given us all a life, the life that he wants for us. 

God has a purpose for every single one of us and right now your purpose is where ever you currently are in life. Whether you're a student who is struggling to declare a major, an amazing singer-songwriter who just release a new album (low key shoutout to Ed, buy Divide on iTunes), a single mom who is just trying to feed her children, a pastor who is trying to write his next sermon, a father who doesn't know how to connect with his children, a boy who doesn't know whether or not to pursue a girl, a kid struggling with mental illness, a writer who can't find anything to write about (high key me), and I could just keep going on and on. I think you get the point, I think you understand that YOU are right where HE wants us. YOU are right next to HIM. HE is walking down this path with YOU. HE would do anything for YOU. Do you get it? Do you understand that God wants you exactly where you are? He wants you living the life you are living. He doesn't want you to regret anything. 

So stop, stop using your free will, that he gave you, to fight Him. Stop making your own plans. He doesn't want to stray away from plan A because you're being impatient and trying to do this on your own. He wants to hold your hand, he wants to be there with you. Look to him and he will guide you, he will reveal his plans for you in time. Just remember, you're right where you should be. 

"Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take." Proverbs 3:6 (NLT)

That being said, live out God's plan. I promise he knows what he's doing. 

xoxo, Aubrey


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ciao! For any of you who don't know what aggiornare means or don't feel like googling it, it means update in Italian. So this post is merely just an update on my life and what is going on with that.

I'm just gonna bold a couple of things I want to touch on and elaborate as needed.


Let me just acknowledge the fact that 2017 has been wonderful so far and also the fact that it is zooming by so fast! Seriously, where in the world has this year gone?

I hope to fill March with more blog posts and hopefully a lot of food related ones, because who doesn't love food? I am also hoping to introduce a DIY at some point and a ton of journal excerpts!

Let's do this thing!


Over this Lenten season, I have given up complaining. In the past 5 days, since I began this, I have realized that we really don't have much to complain about. God is such an amazing father, who shows his love for us every single day. Did you wake up this morning? Is the sun shining? Is it snowing or raining? All those are ways that God is showing his love for us, for everyone on this earth.

I will also be diving into the Bible more and continuing in my daily Jesus and me time. Such a great season for reflection and growth.


So, I didn't really want to update you all on this, but I know you would like some information. I really am finished with my book, I mean pretty much anyways. I just have to do a lot of proofing and editing, so it should be released some time in the near future. Just continue to be on the look out for new material up on my blog or poetry website.


The title of this blog post is in Italian, I am Italian (Well actually, I'm Sicilian, if you want to get technical) and I am currently working on learning Italian. I have a lot of free time and I thought I'd use it to work on learning Italian. I also want to study abroad in Italy, so it's perfect! So if I randomly start writing in Italian, you now know why.


I don't really know what is happening in my life and I probably never really will. All I know is, I am exactly where God wants me to be and I will always be exactly where He wants me.

We can stray so far off of God's path for us, but he knows and we know, that we will eventually find our way back. God's plan is so much bigger than ours and he will always give us exactly what I need.

This is something I have struggled to see for so long and this past year, I finally realized that God's got this one.

You're living, you're on this side of the ground! You're amazing!

Keep being you!

xoxo, Aubs

excerpt from my journal no. 40

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fancy meeting you here. Do you come here often? Yeah, this place is one of my favorites too. Such a great tour guide! 

(Wow, I just love being awkward on my blog and in real life. Such a great time! Also, my intros to blog posts always suck so much, so I hope that one brought some laughter into your life.)

Well ladies and gentlemen, please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all time during this tour. 

Next stop: a wonderful poem about having a relationship with the Messiah! 

Here we have a poem by the one and only Aubrey Sochacki. This poem was inspired by Lecrae's new song, River Of Jordan. We hope you enjoy your experience with us. 


it was never meant to
be this way
Jesus didn't come here
to create religion
he came
to create relationships

he never 
wanted this divide
he only
wanted to know us

this is why
we must
lay religion down
raise our relationship with Him up.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed Aubrey's poem and if you didn't, that's cool too. Thank you for visiting! Hope too see you again. God Bless!

xoxo, Aubrey
P.S. Hope you enjoyed the tour of this post, promise I will never be this weird again.

P.P.S. I probably will be weird again, that's just how God made me and I am very proud to be this way!

Aubrey's Book Club: 5 Reads To Change Your Thinking

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello babes! I low-key copied this idea from Free People's Blog, but that's okay. I'm excited to share 5 books that have challenged my way of thinking and have definitely changed my views on things. Hope you can get around to reading these someday and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here is my list:

Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand

Maybe you've heard of Ayn Rand or maybe you haven't, either way you should read this book. Atlas Shrugged is one of her most well-known publications and it is my absolute favorite. Ayn Rand caused me to question all my beliefs about the government and has turned me into somewhat of an objectivist. Read, read, read!

Run With The Horses. Eugene Peterson

Run With The Horses focuses in on the book of Jeremiah, one of my favorites. It talks a lot about meaning and purpose, which we all need to talk about. It's such an inspiring book and has really helped me realize that I am exactly where God wants me. Also has a little thing about intimate prayer, which changed my life so read it.

Looking For Alaska. John Green

If you like to cry over fictional characters, this one is for you. As a lot of you know, John Green likes to make his readers feel a lot of emotions all at once, and this book does exactly that. Looking For Alaska caused me to question what love actually is and how much effort it actually takes.

Before I Fall. Lauren Oliver

Yes, this book is being turned into a movie. No, I am not going to go see it. I appreciate books and I appreciate movies, but I do not appreciate books being turned into movies. This is one of those books that really gets you thinking about your life and whether not you are the living the right life. It makes you live everyday as if it's your last. Honestly, everyone should read this book.

Yes Please. Amy Poehler

When I was typing this book I almost put "Leslie Knope" as the author because her and Amy are the same person in my brain. This book taught me a lot of lessons and helped me realize that I should in fact say "yes" more. It also reminded me that we, as women, should stop apologizing for every single thing we do because we are so much bigger than that. Nothing we do is an accident! So worth the library trip or Amazon purchase.

Find sometime to pick up a book, maybe one of the 5 I listed. Make some time for your brain to work and for your body to relax.

xoxo, Aubs

excerpt from my journal no. 39

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Galentine's day to all my ladies out there! Hope you're celebrating today with all your gal pals and eating a lot of delicious food! This post has nothing to do with Galentine's Day or Valentine's Day, but it does have to do with love, specifically God's love. Here is a journal excerpt I wrote while on an airplane, hope you enjoy it and know that God loves you more than anything.


today on my flight i saw the stars, i saw the sunrise, and i saw the clouds. this all got me thinking how God is an artist and oh he is such a great artist! He sketched the stars and painted the sunrise. He created all the beauty on this earth, including us. we're His greatest masterpiece, His favorite piece of artwork. so stop talking yourself down and stop telling yourself that you're not beautiful, because the same God that painted the night sky and spoke the world into existence, created you too. 

I don't really know how to end this post so Happy Galentine's Day and Happy Single's Awareness Day (tomorrow)! 

xoxo, Aubs

Next stop: New Hampshire

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello friends of mine! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and just enjoying life.

So this past weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a really long time. I got to travel to New Hampshire to visit my family and my best friends, Angela and Amanda. I was so happy that I escaped Michigan for a few days and got to breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Here's a very detailed schedule of events from my weekend:

Friday: Arrived at Boston Logan Airport at noonish, my aunt and cousin picked me up and we drove back to New Hampshire. Angela came home from school at 2:30ish and we hugged for a year and a half, then she went to work until 8 so I just chilled with my other cousins. After Angela came back we went to Walgreens and Hannaford because we needed our celebratory salt and vinegar chips.

Saturday: Angela and I drove to Plymouth State to see Amanda's hockey game and we got some Aroma Joe's. Got to see my two best friends at the same time, so it was amazing! Then we went to Bdubs for Amanda's birthday dinner.

Sunday: Woke up, watched the live stream from my church, and had a family Bible study. Then Angela and I were home alone for a few so we went to Target and Aroma Joe's (shocking, I know). Then we went to Portsmouth and then a Super Bowl party thing. I ate my whole body weight in stuffed grape leaves and clam dip. We left after the amazing halftime show and then somehow the Pats won (Tom Brady is so annoying wow, can't stand that man.) and Angela was sad. Oh also the Bruins are the only sports team I actually care about so I bought a sweatshirt for $9.99 (God bless no sales tax) from the children's section at TJmaxx.

Monday: We all went to the New England Aquarium and then I sadly went to the airport and flew back to Michigan (ew).

I seriously had one of the best weekends that I've had in a while and I am beyond grateful for my family and best friends. Also thank you to all the people who helped me make this trip possible.

xoxo, Aubs


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ciao amici!!(If you don't know what that means just guess or use google translate or learn Italian.)

So as you can see, I am back! I took a little break from blogging because it was what God was telling me to do. I needed to focus on growing closer to Him and working through a few things. I was lost for a little while there and trying to do some things without God's help, but I realized that was not a very good idea and that I need to ask for His help sometimes. We all need to be mature and show God that we need him. So long story short, I am back. I am still working on things, but God said that this was a good time to come back.

Anyways, for my returning post, I am going to give you 19 (because I'm 19) facts about me because what do you guys actually know about me? I mean you know my age, about my faith, that I'm a girl, that I have a blog, that I'm an ambassador for a lot of companies, that I wrote a book, and that I am literally the most random and awkward human being to ever exist. So here we go.

  1. Let's go through the origin of my name, shall we? My first name is Aubrey (obviously), which is from the song "Aubrey" by Bread. Anne is my middle name and also my mom's. Sochacki is my last name, which is super Polish and super fun to pronounce (It's actually super easy, stop making it harder than it has to be). 
  2. I like pretty much every food, except peas and bananas. Peas are absolutely disgusting and bananas make my throat itchy.
  3. I'm Polish, Maltese, and Italian (Sicilian actually, but let's not get into that right now). 
  4. My dream job is to own a cafe with Angela
  5. I started writing poetry in first grade.
  6. I adore middle school students and I love working with them.
  7. I want to adopt at least one child when I'm older.
  8. My major is Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in food and beverage management.
  9. I believe in holistic healing more than modern medicine (things like supplements, essential oils, earthing, apple cider vinegar heals everything, weird home remedies, etc.).
  10. I love me some honey. I could literally eat it by the spoonful! 
  11. My spread of choice is avocado. It's good on toast, bagels, pretzels, chips, faces (face masks, hello), and literally anything you put it on.
  12. I love grandmas. I love my grandmas, I don't have either of them anymore, and I miss them every single day of my life. I love your grandmas, even though I don't know them. And chances are that if I ever meet someone's grandma, I will adopt them as my grandma. 
  13. Sometimes when I'm bored I pretend I'm on a food network or HGTV show. Sometimes I'm Guy Fieri and other times I'm Joanna Gaines. Imagination.
  14. Sometimes my dad jokes that my middle name should be Samantha. Aubrey Samantha Sochacki? No thanks. Also he thinks he's hilarious because then my initials would be a not so nice word. C'mon Bob. 
  15. My favorite music genre is contemporary worship. Pretty much my whole spotify
  16. My favorite random things are rocks and minerals, stars (I could stargaze for hours and never get bored), and swings (Give me a swing and some stars and I'll never be bored).
  17. My all time favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6 and my favorite worship song is I Surrender by Hillsong United. 
  18. I have a strange obsession with Trader Joe's. Ask anyone.
  19. I was supposed to be a twin. I had an imaginary friend as a child named Jewpee. I read somewhere that children and animals can see spirits. What if my imaginary friend was actually my twin and I saw dead people as a child? (Completely kidding about the dead people part, the rest is a true story)
Well there you have it. 19 facts about yours truly. Hope you all feel like we've known each other all our lives. Super exciting things for the month of February! I'll see you soon! Thanks for sticking around. God Bless.
xoxo, Aubrey Anne (Samantha lol) Sochacki