tis the season of giving

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I strongly believe the only gift anyone really needs this Christmas is the gift of King Jesus, but because people wanted a gift guide, I am going to make one. And because I am broke and I assume many of you also don't have more than $10 to spend on people, this guide will all be under $10. (just an fyi, if you want to get me anything, I will gladly accept a dog that I can hide in my dorm room, or my own personal Trader Joe's that I can shop at all the time.)

For your faithful friends (about $7): These people probably won't ask for anything from you because they want everything for you, so instead you could get them The Message. The Message is Eugene Peterson's translation of the Bible into contemporary language. It's not much different than other versions of the Bible, it just makes more sense, I guess.

For your coffee loving friends (about $10): 3 words: Coffee Care Package! I literally just came up with this idea, seriously! All you need is a cute mug (that you probably found on the sale rack or took from your own personal collection), some coffee (Trader Joe's wake-up blend!), and maybe some cream and sugar? I personally think it's adorable and cheap so it's automatically amazing, right?

For your earthy friends (about $9): Do you have that one friend who is into earthing (me) or essential oils (also me)? Then this is seriously going to be perfect for them! Get them a car diffuser! I personally love diffusing some peppermint and wild orange during the winter because it always lightens my spirit, tell them I said that!

For your artsy friends (about $10): Seriously just get them some crayons and call it a day. Since you can't sense sarcasm on the internet, I'll just tell you that I am being sarcastic! Put some effort in this, go to Michael's and pick out some cool watercolors and some brushes. Artsy friends are cool because they love art supplies and never have enough, so just get them some more!

For your athletic friends (about $10-$15): My athletic friends are cool and all, but really stop showing off (I'm being sarcastic again)! Probably just get them a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods and go with them because quality time. I seriously don't know what athletic people want for Christmas, other than to make you more athletic. (ex: Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins)

For your foodie friends (about $10): Have you ever been to Trader Joe's or TJmaxx and seen some food that was super weird, but somehow seemed good? Okay now go and grab all of those foods, put them in a gift basket, and deliver it to your foodie friends! Merry Christmas Foodies, you're welcome!

Okay I hope these helped a little bit! I hope you also enjoyed my sarcasm, it is my middle name (Aubrey Sarcasm Sochacki)!

Feel free to scratch all my ideas and come up with your own because I have to admit, some of these are terrible. Anyways, happy gift giving! That's what this season is all about!
"Love is generous!" 

xoxo, Aubrey

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