excerpt from my journal no. 37

Friday, December 23, 2016

It's Christmas Eve Eve, which means it's Journal excerpt time: The Christmas edition! I'm not going to say anything else, so here is my journal excerpt and a great gif from Friends, because I love Friends.

There is so much we get wrong about Christmas. It's not about cute mugs and hot cocoa, Christmas trees covered in elaborate ornaments, or millions of materialistic gifts. It is about love. Jesus' birth was exactly that. God sent himself down in the form of a baby, the most vulnerable form. He felt all the pain and suffering we felt. He healed the sick and raised the dead to life. Jesus came down to save us. He bled for our sins because he loves us. Christmas is about love. Are we showing Jesus our love this Christmas? Are we sharing his love? 

Well there you have it! I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully!

xoxo, Aubrey

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