excerpt from my journal no. 36

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

hello sweet little elves! I go home for break tomorrow and I could not be more excited! I miss demon dog. I miss my bed. I miss my church. But most of all, I miss my family!

Okay, here's that journal excerpt you've been waiting for!

my thoughts on soulmates

soulmates! AHHH!!! do they exist? do you have more than one? i don't actually know, but here is what i think. i think they exist and i think we have more than one. i think we have a soulmate in everything we do. like i say that angela and amanda are a couple of my soulmates because we just know exactly what the other needs. i believe that we all have one romantic soulmate who we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with (have you found them? who knows. have i found them? lol). i believe we have many friend soulmates who just understand us and are "our person/people" (i have these people, do you?). i believe we have those soulmates who are the ones who just make our lives better, like your parents or people who don't fit in the other two categories. soulmates are a beautiful thing, knowing that there are people on this earth who were made to do life with you, it’s truly an amazing thing.

when i get worried that i’ll be single forever, i just remember this idea of soulmates. i remember that i have one romantic soulmate who i am meant to be with and i get less worried. i don’t know who are they are, if i’ve met them, or when i’ll realize who they are. all i know is that they’re out there. in the meantime, i have my other soulmates.

Okay 11 days until Christmas! As KB would say, "get turnt, get lit sideways" for Christmas! See ya over the holiday season!

xoxo, Aubs

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