excerpt from my journal no. 35

Friday, December 9, 2016

hello friends! I hope this cold weather isn't getting you down, even though it sucks. Just remember that maybe God will call you someplace warm in the near future!

Anyways, here is a great journal excerpt that I wrote a day ago!

this is why i stopped asking God to show me signs

it took me so many years of my life to realize that God showed me signs all the time, that i never needed to ask. i didn’t need Him to show me  a sign that he wasn’t the one for me, i didn’t need Him to show me a sign that i was in the right place, i didn’t need a sign that i was at the right church, or that i had the right major. i just needed to pay attention, He was already showing me signs.

God shows us things and speaks to us everyday. most of the time, were just too busy to notice.

take for instance, a new person in your life. did you even think twice about why they’re here? why they’re in your life? i usually don’t think about it. the reality is that God put them there for a reason, they have a purpose in your life. God doesn’t just put people in your life for empty reasons, He does everything with a purpose. He does everything because He loves you.

open up your eyes, listen for his voice. He is all around you. He is trying to get your attention, so please let him.

Hope that helps you get through your day, week, month, year, and life.

with love, Aubrey

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