excerpt from my journal no. 32

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In preparing for this election I actually wrote a little something about politics, I promise it won't be too boring! Just read it!

I always dreamt of the day that I would stand on a stage with my friends and family surrounding me, I would speak into the microphone and say, "My name is Aubrey Sochacki and I am running for president!" 

I was 7 years old when I picked up my mom's book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I didn't exactly understand the book at the time, but I knew I liked it. I knew I loved it actually. Ayn Rand wrote from the heart, from the mind of an objectivist. Ayn Rand helped me become the woman I am today. Ayn Rand opened up my eyes to this world and the government. She sparked my love for the libertarian movement, objectivism, and capitalism. Because of Ayn Rand (and my parents of course), I have learned to be a free thinker. I don't always agree with my party and I don't always vote my party. As a free thinker, I have realized that so many are sucked into their party affiliation and just go along with whatever they have to say, which is so dangerous. Because of Ayn Rand, I no longer want to run for president, but I still want to make America better. I still want to speak my word, speak up for what I believe is right. I want less government control, I want corporatism to die out, I want a free market economy, I want actual freedom, I want America to be run by it's people not by career politicians. I want Aubrey's America, not Trump or Clinton's America. I want America to be great again, I want America to be strong again. That being said, open up your mind! Realize what is happening to this country! We're so divided right now, when we need to be standing together!

That all being said, read Atlas Shrugged because it's amazing and exercise your right to vote! May God bless everyone and this country!

xoxo, Aubs
(Aubs for president? Someday, maybe)

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