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Saturday, October 22, 2016

hey guys, i hope everyone has had a great October! Can you believe it's almost over? I seriously can't believe it because that means that I am almost 19 (November 22nd!!!!), which is gross. I want to be 9 instead because 9 year olds don't have to worry about anything (#relatable). 

Anyways, ya'll know I'm a writer and if you didn't, you know now. So, I decided that I wanted to make my chaotic life even more chaotic by deciding to write another poetry book! Wow, now that's a huge announcement! But here's the thing, I need your help. I need ya'll to check out my poetry page and my journal excerpts, I need you all to react. I need comments and feedback because I don't even know what poems to put in this book!  Also, if you haven't read my first book, I would seriously love if you'd check it out. (if you live nearby, go to school with me, or know me personally, I will have a few books available for you to buy from me (I might even sign it), just holler at me.) 

That being said, this new book is going to be a whole new style, a whole new me. This book is going to be an adventure for me and hopefully for you. Unlike my last book, I will not be sharing any of the poems that will be in it until after it comes out. I am seriously so excited for this book to come out, and I hope you are too! I do not have a final release day yet because I don't even have enough poems written. As soon as I know a date you will too, you have my word!

Now please go back to your life, maybe take some time for yourself and write. Write about everything you experience, write from the heart! 

love you all very much!

xoxo, Aubs

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