excerpt from my journal no. 30

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hey fellas! Again, I apologize for slacking lately! College is difficult and I also don't know what sleep or free time is so please forgive me!

Recently, I was reminded that I am a failure and that I am a broken person (I don't hate myself that much, I promise, it gets better). I've also been reminded that God only uses failures, so here is a poem about that!

my sophomore year of high school
i found God
i found Him in achy bones and ink stained fingertips
i found Him in late night sobs and screaming into my pillow
i found Him in grieving and trying to love again
i found Him in trust issues and fragile emotional stages
i found Him in brokenness beyond repair
God uses the broken, the hurt, the weary
God uses me. 

Yes God will use you if you've made mistakes, he will uses you if you're hurting, he will use you no matter what you've done. Please let him use you to change the world.

xoxo, Aubs

P.S. Have a good week! I'll be back when I have some time on my hands! 

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