excerpt from my journal no. 28

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wow, I am so sorry that I haven't posted a journal excerpt in a while! I don't really have an excuse that is worth your time, I'm just sorry about this! I've had some of the worst writer's block that I have ever experienced, I am hoping to get out of it soon. So here is a much anticipated (kinda stupid) journal excerpt from a project I did in creative writing. Laugh as much as you'd like, but I just love my bed.

Dear Bed,
You have been there for me through so much. Through sleepless nights and tear soaked pillows, through illness and stress, through sleep filled nights and cheerful mornings. I am so thankful for you.
I am so glad I get to greet you every night, but I am dearly sorry that I can only stay until the morning. Maybe one day I will be able to spend the whole day with you. Maybe a whole week, you never know what will happen. All I know is that someday very soon I will have to leave you, my sweet bed, but I will return soon. I will have to greet a different bed every night and I will miss you so much.
Our break up will not be fun for either of us, but my return will make us both ecstatic. You are the comfiest bed out of all of my friends’ and family’s beds, I don’t know how you do it. Do you have any bed friends that you can visit while I am away. I’m sure there will be someone to greet you while I am away.
So thank you again for all your help and all the peace you have brought me, I am forever grateful for all the nights we have shared together. My dear bed, dream on and don’t ever let the bedbugs bite.
love, Aubrey

Well there you have it, a silly letter to my bed! Hope that was all you ever hoped for :)

xoxo, Aubs

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