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Monday, July 11, 2016

hello babes, I am so glad you decided to take the time to view my blog today. I have a few things I'd love to share with you.

1. I am an ambassador for two new companies that I cannot wait to share with you
2. I am planning on writing another poetry book within the next couple of years and I am going to need someone to help me design the cover ;)
3. I will be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall, which may affect my blogging. We will see how much college affects my blogging when the time comes.

That is all the I have to share at this time, so without further ado, here is my wonderful blog post!

I got The 52 Lists Project for Christmas of 2015 and I have been listing ever since. This book has helped me with so much, it has helped me to realize the person I am today and how I became that person. I cannot wait to finish this book and to look back on it for years to come.

The author of The 52 Lists Project, Moorea Seal, has a second listing book coming out in September called 52 Lists for Happiness. Now I know that I will be buying her new book, and I strongly urge you to do the same, as well as buying her other book.

I cannot wait to share more and more of my lists with you and I hope that you share yours with me! Happy listing!

xoxo, Aubs

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