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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hi loves, I have recently had a lot of people talk to my about my beauty routine and whether I use natural or synthetic beauty products. When I tell people that I use natural products they're always shocked, they think that it is super hard to find products that work. I was inspired by all those people to make this post.

I have a lot of natural products that I use for skincare, but I am only going to share my absolute favorites.

Manuka Honey
I recently heard about Manuka honey from Free People's blog, which many of you know I frequently read. When I saw this honey at Trader Joe's I just had to try it and now I swear by it! I take a spoonful internally, when I'm feeling sluggish or sick. I put a thin layer on my skin for thirty minutes if I'm breaking out. I know they sell it at Trader Joe's, but they also sell it at most health food stores.

Jojoba Oil
I use jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer because it is a light oil that is meant for oily skin. I love using this oil in the summer when my makeup routine isn't very much, but in the winter I feel like it is a little too oily for being stuck inside all day. I buy mine at Better Health, but most health food stores also carry it.

Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil
I read about this from Free People's blog, shocker I know! Free People's blog said that a spoonful of coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil should bring redness down when worn overnight on your face, and yes it does actually do that! I buy my coconut oil from Costco because it comes in a huge container and I have tea tree from young living and desert essence.

Dry Brushing
My dad has been dry brushing for a while now, and I always thought he was crazy, until I read about it. I realized that dry brushing is actually very good for you, it helps your lymphatic system and helps to release toxins. You can seriously buy a dry brush anywhere, so I suggest you buy one sooner than later.

Makeup is a little bit more difficult, like I still use a foundation that isn't 100% natural and I still use Urban Decay eyeshadow, but I am trying to get better. Thanks to birchbox and their ingredient conscious products, I have discovered a lot of products.

Lush Eyeshadow
I typically use this eyeshadow when I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like blending colors together or if it is humid out. Since this eyeshadow is liquid, it tends to not crease during the day, which I love. I also love the colors this comes in. You can buy this product at Lush stores or online.

I have never been more in love with a mascara!! I got a sample of this in my April birchbox and I instantly fell in love. The formula is amazing and the brush keeps your eyelashes from clumping together. I am actually ordering a full size of this mascara today after I review my May birchbox. I am also hoping to try many more of the W3LLPEOPLE products in the near future!

Other than using all natural products, you can drink plenty of water to encourage healthy cell production, you can take probiotics to promote a healthy gut, and you can spend a lot of time walking barefoot outside! Happy trying and hopefully buying!

xoxo, Aubs

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