excerpt from my journal no. 17

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Here is a poem from yours truly, me. It's about two things I cannot stand, thunderstorms and houses at night, which you probably could've figured out on your own. Later on I will be getting back to this blog's roots, with a beautiful Spring lookbook. Back to the reason for this post, here is this week's journal excerpt! 

something about thunderstorms and houses at night

statistically, 1 in every 200 houses will be struck by lightning a year. i think about this as i write a million poems about our love story, our tragic love story. a love so vibrant it lit up the whole house at night. a love that died, like a storm dies as the sun peeks through the clouds. 

i write in my journal about how electrical your touch was as the storm rages on outside my bedroom window. i cannot help but wonder if, just maybe my house is that 1 in 200 chance, maybe if my house got struck by lightning, it would be enough to bring the energy back, enough to make you love me again.

if i am the house at night and you are the thunderstorm, then why haven't you struck me a thousand plus times? why haven't you brought our love back to life?

Okay I lied, it is not technically about thunderstorms and houses at night; I did get the inspiration as I lied awake as a storm raged outside my window so the poem is about love and how I related it to two things I hate. 

I'll see you later this week! 

love always, Aubs

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