or am i in love with the feeling / excerpt from my journal 19

Thursday, April 28, 2016

So here's the thing, we all have a purpose, but a lot of us still haven't figured out what ours is. The reason we don't know what our purpose could be that we don't have enough experience or because we haven't listen to God's voice telling us what we are meant to do.

On Monday night, I saw Justin Bieber in concert and was inspired to write a post about finding my purpose and how you can find yours. As many people know, Justin Bieber has struggled with finding his purpose, like most human beings do.

I discovered my purpose my junior year of high school, I was spending the month of July with Angela and I was also grieving my Nonni. I was struggling with finding myself and I was praying constantly about my struggles. I heard God speaking to Angela and me and telling us that we were to open up a cafe and someone teach people about him through that. I don't know why this is my purpose or how it came to be, all that I do know is that each and everyone of us has a purpose, we just need to find it. 

I was originally going to make two separate posts, one for a journal excerpt and one about the concert, but I decided against that. I am so glad that I was able to experience Justin Bieber in concert for the second time and I cannot be more thankful for him sharing his struggles and how he overcame them with the world.

I hope you realized that the journal excerpt was in italics and the actual post was in regular font. I also hope you enjoyed reading this post!

xoxo, Aubs

excerpt from my journal no. 18

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I almost didn't post a journal excerpt this week because I was struggling on deciding what to post, but I'm waiting to go shopping with Amy and decided I have nothing better to do than post one. Sorry if this sucks more than usual, kidding, not really.

Anyway, here is a beautiful haiku I wrote in my creative writing class, along with a random photo I found on my camera roll.



a dazzling sight
as if it were a spirit 
on the winter sea

xoxo, Aubs

spring lookbook

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I told you all that I would be going back to my roots with a fashion post. I was originally going to just do the lookbook as a blog post, but I thought a video would be 100x better! So enough nonsense, here is the lookbook video.

Let me know which outfit you like the best, also feel free to contact me if you want a direct link to anything!

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twitter: @aubreysanne
snapchat: auburnrider206

xoxo, Aubs

excerpt from my journal no. 17

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Here is a poem from yours truly, me. It's about two things I cannot stand, thunderstorms and houses at night, which you probably could've figured out on your own. Later on I will be getting back to this blog's roots, with a beautiful Spring lookbook. Back to the reason for this post, here is this week's journal excerpt! 

something about thunderstorms and houses at night

statistically, 1 in every 200 houses will be struck by lightning a year. i think about this as i write a million poems about our love story, our tragic love story. a love so vibrant it lit up the whole house at night. a love that died, like a storm dies as the sun peeks through the clouds. 

i write in my journal about how electrical your touch was as the storm rages on outside my bedroom window. i cannot help but wonder if, just maybe my house is that 1 in 200 chance, maybe if my house got struck by lightning, it would be enough to bring the energy back, enough to make you love me again.

if i am the house at night and you are the thunderstorm, then why haven't you struck me a thousand plus times? why haven't you brought our love back to life?

Okay I lied, it is not technically about thunderstorms and houses at night; I did get the inspiration as I lied awake as a storm raged outside my window so the poem is about love and how I related it to two things I hate. 

I'll see you later this week! 

love always, Aubs

spring breakers

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh how I wish spring break could be a month long, but sadly it isn't and I had to come home. The good news is, I can finally blog again without paying an outrageous price for wifi. Here I am, back in the freezing cold state of Michigan, sitting in my hoodie and jeans, and blogging about paradise. 

Let me set the scene for you before we begin the story of my spring break. We're on the Carnival Conquest, full of people from all places. We have two and a half days at sea and three days at port, each day is different and wonderful. Okay now that I have set the scene, let us begin. 

Our first stop was the beautiful Grand Turk, where a few of my friends and myself went atving. After atving, we went to the beach and hung out there for the day. The water at Grand Turk was clear as could be, but also a very nice turquoise color. I was shocked at just how beautiful an island, that I have never heard of, could be. 

Our next stop was the Dominican Republic, which I loved the most out of all three ports. I felt so much love and hope for the country and it's people, that I would love to go on a mission trip there in the near future. 

Our entire time in the Dominican, we were on a sailboat catamaran. The catamaran was a such a blast; we went snorkeling, sailing, ate a wonderful lunch, met some new friends, and I even got to dance the merengue! 

A lot of our new friends were workers on the catamaran that made our time in the Dominican Republic as fun as could be! 

After the Dominican Republic, we went to Half Moon Cay. Half Moon Cay is an island in the Bahamas that is exclusively owned by Carnival. 

Half Moon Cay didn't have that many excursions to choose from, so we just went to the beach all day long. Although Half Moon Cay was absolutely beautiful, it was not my favorite port that we went to. 

I hope you all had/will have a fantastic spring break!! As papo (our friend from DR) would say, "Happy, happy!" 

xoxo, Aubs

excerpt from my journal no. 16

Monday, April 4, 2016

I got back from my cruise on Sunday and let me tell you about all the cute boys, well one in particular. I saw this cute boy the first night I was on the cruise and I continued to see him everywhere. So I decided to write a poem about him (I'm so weird, leave me alone)!

the boy on the cruise 

i though it was a sign
when i kept seeing you
every place i was,
a whole entire cruise ship
and i kept seeing you.

you would smile every time 
you saw me,
but neither of us said a word
and now i cannot stop but
wonder if you are
the one that got away

okay Merry Christmas, make fun of me forever for this middle schoolish poem. I promise I am not in middle school, this poem may make you think otherwise. Okay adios, I'll be back tomorrow with some photos from spring break!

xoxo, Aubs