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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A lot of you know that when it comes to music, I am a big snob and that I think that the music I listen to is the best music. Today, I thought I'd take an opportunity to share with you my favorite records. Some of these records are newer and others are from my mother's childhood and teenage years. Either way, all of these records are wonderful and I 100% recommend them.

Let's begin with the nostalgic records (for my mom and probably a lot of adults, but not for adolescents) 

Violent Femmes 

Teehee, I just love the vibe of the Violent Femmes. Their songs give off this summery, happy vibe and it's just very enjoyable. I also adore the cover art, it inspires me to go to cool places and take awesome photographs. My absolute favorite songs from this album are Kiss Off and Gone Daddy Gone. (Oh yeah look at my new wall color, do you love or do you love?) 

Pretty In Pink Soundtrack

Oh yes, the soundtrack of my very favorite movie. What a bomb soundtrack, am I right? I feel like most 80's movies have super great soundtracks and this is one of the bests. My favorite songs from this album are Left of Center by Suzanne Vega and Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs. If you haven't seen Pretty In Pink, please please please watch it! 

American Pie by Don McLean

Such a classic and an amazing artist. I have been listening to Mr. McLean since I was a little girl. I remember summer nights when my Uncle Mike would bring over his guitar and we'd all sing American Pie and Vincent. This album brings back so many great memories. My favorite songs from this album are American Pie, Till Tomorrow and Vincent. 

Now time for the more recent records, here we go!

You Haunt Me by Sir Sly

Amanda and I fell in love with Sir Sly when they opened up for The 1975, now we listen to them more than The 1975 (no shame).  My favorite songs from this record are Nowhere/Bloodlines Pt. 1, Inferno, and Too Far Gone. 

Badlands by Halsey

I knew this album was amazing all along, considering I've been jamming to it since it came out, but let me tell you how great it is on vinyl. Halsey's raw talent mixed with the crackling sound of my record player creates this relaxing, chill environment. My favorite songs on this album are all of them, shocker! 

Neighbors by Now, Now

(first off, why is this photo so uneven, ew) I love the Now, Now and I love this record (that's why I put it on here)! I got this record for Christmas and fell in love with it's beauty and simplicity. My favorite songs from this album are Roommates, Neighbors, and Giants. 

I hope you found some new records to listen to so that you can become a music snob, like me. Go jam everyone, I'll see you next week! 

xoxo, Aubs

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