excerpt from my journal no. 14

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

okay so I am very angsty when it comes to poetry, probably because I am 18 and I'm not really considered an adult yet, but I'm also not a child so like angst is my only defense mechanism for my ego (Not even a defense mechanism, my AP psych teacher would be mad at me). So enough about me being angsty, here is a poem about adolescent things.


they say you should 
never go to sleep angry,
but right now
that's the only way to escape
this torture

i cannot help but,
play that moment
over and over again
in my head.
i just need to go to bed

There you have it, my very very very angsty poem. I should title it Teenage Angst, if you ask me (too bad I hate titling my poems). Also, sorry for the awful grammar, I am very tired and not in the mood.

xoxo, Aubs

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