excerpt from my journal no. 13

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I have to be honest with you all, I have major writer's block right now, so I haven't written anything new. I thought I'd share a little something about a barista that I thought was cute a few summers ago. It's just a happy/cute poem that I think will lighten your week up.

starbucks boy

there is this boy
whose smile could move waters
his eyes could save the world

there is this girl
who has pain in her eyes
and shyness in her voice

they watch each other
her drinking green tea
him making it for her

neither of them 
have the courage
to speak

they both just wait
until one of them
speaks up to say "hello"

I don't know what happened to this guy nor do I need to know, I just know that 16 year old me thought he was cute enough to have a poem written about him. :) Goal of the week: find someone cute and write a poem about them so that my future journal excerpts won't be from 2 years ago. Hahaha I love you all so much, I'll write a poem about you cute people that view my blog.

xoxo, Aubs 

sorry for no photos with this one!

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