Thursday, February 4, 2016

A lot of you know that I did a mini series called "Freedom" last month and you also know that it was about minimizing your life. I am not going to bore you with my personal philosophy or more about freedom. Instead I am going to talk about rebuilding and repairing all that is broken in your life.

After 2015 I was physically and emotionally destroyed, I had a lot of repairs needed. Physically, my shoulder, that I injured 5 years ago, still continues to ache; my eczema likes to appear at the worst times, and I was drained. Emotionally, the stress of junior year was taking it's toll on me, my life was filled with constant drama that I despised, and I was emotionally destroyed. Basically what are emotions because I felt like I was a robot?

To repair myself I have set aside time for myself to do something that makes me feel better. For starters, I started yoga again. I also meditate everyday, I spend time alone and just pray and talk to the Lord. I also try and go shopping or even online shop because clothes (Actually studies show that shopping increases mental stability so).

My personal goal to repair myself this year is to rekindle a relationship with someone I lost along the way. I lost my Nonni, to cancer, as many of you know, but I also lost someone I adore, to life. I am hoping to rebuild that relationship this year. 

I encourage you to set time aside for yourself and also to rekindle relationships that you hate being without. Just don't do anything that could destroy you again.

I decided to include some polaroids in this post because I really had no idea what to take photos of so there you go!
  I hope you enjoy the cuteness of these polaroids, I know I love them!!

Remember, make repairs that are necessary to make you whole and happy again!

xoxo, Aubrey

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