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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy (almost) singles awareness day! And for all my followers who aren't (lucky you) single, have fun spending ridiculous amounts of money on flowers and giant teddy bears. As I have said time and time again, being single has its ups and its downs, and one of those downs in Valentine's Day. Sorry for being so cynical.

So for this post, I was originally going to tell you how to love being single, but I decided that idea was cliche. So here is a post on things you can do to love yourself for Valentine's Day and everyday! I put together a fairly detailed list on what I do to show love for myself.

A good brushing. Every morning I try to dry brush before I take a shower, and then afterwards I smear on my korres lotion.

Netflix and food because Netflix and Chill is gross. Currently watching Nikita and obsessing over Mikita (watch the show and you'll understand), but this weekend I plan on re-watching all of the Galentine's Day Parks and Rec episodes and eating a buttload of salt and vinegar chips!

Find someone to be your Galentine. Sorry boys, but this one is for my ladies! Find yourself someone whether it be your mom, best friend, or cousin to be your very own Galentine. Angela and I are each other's Galentine, obviously!

Shop till you drop. Why spend money on cheesy gifts when you can buy yourself two new pairs of boyfriend jeans and just pretend they belong to your boyfriend named InvisoBill (@ Lia for coming up with InvisoBill)? But don't get out of your comfy bed to shop, just do it online!

Change it up. Say bye-bye to my lime green walls, they are getting a major makeover that I just cannot wait to share with you! Here is one final photo of the green before it is gone for good! Obviously you don't have to paint your room, you can always just buy new pillow cases or a fleece blanket.

One last thing...

Jam. Not the food, but like jam out to music! I would say JBiebz because who wouldn't want Justin to be your Valentine? 

Just have fun and remember that God has someone out there for you and it's probably not Justin Bieber. 

Happy Singles Awareness Day and Happy Valentine's Day! 

xoxo, Aubs

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