excerpt from my journal no. 9

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I was first introduced to yoga when I was in fourth grade, my teacher did a short yoga flow with us everyday before recess, which helped ease aggression and lead to less fighting. I extended my yoga practice when I took yoga classes at my local rec center as a freshman in high school. At the beginning of January, I extended my practice even further by joining my current yoga studio, Plymouth Yoga Room.

Finding a studio/place to practice and having the right intentions, was a little bit of a struggle for me. I was worried about price and convenience more than comfort and environment. When I was told about the Plymouth Yoga Room it met all four of those, so it seems to be the best option to me. When it comes to having the right intentions worry more about your body than convenience. Now for the real reason we are here, my journal excerpt.

Dear Yoga,

I am glad you have been there for me the past four years. You have taught me about the depths of peace and quiet as well as detox and gratitude. I am so thankful for all the stressful situations and sleepless nights you have helped me get through. I sincerely apologize for giving you up for a year, I was in pain, both physically and mentally. I know you could have helped me with all that pained me, but I was too naive to let you. I express deep gratitude that you welcomed me back with open arms and a pleasing heart.
We will continue to grow as I find myself approaching the mat every day. We will grow together in my practice and discover ourselves once again. I will be in less pain and I will be able to control my stress levels. I am excited to see what the future holds for us, I cannot wait to feel better because of you.
With every child pose I have to take and each tripod I must forfeit, I will still continue to grow in my practice. I do not know what I would be able to do without you, if anything. There is so much I have been able to achieve with you in my life; I have been feeling better mentally, my back has released a lot of the stress induced pain that I had for months. I generally feel better with myself and with everyone around me. Thank you for being there for me at anytime I need you, I really would not be me without you.

xoxo, Aubrey

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