excerpt from my journal no. 10

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whether you know me personally or just through my blog, you know that I dabble in poetry and that I love nature. For this journal excerpt, I put poetry and nature together to create perfection.

I also didn't have time to photograph for this post, so enjoy this really old photo of the moon that Angela took and also a desktop wallpaper and phone wallpaper from Free People. 

Here is the desktop wallpaper thanks to Free People, I love this calendar because now I know when to look out for a full moon and such. And now here is Angela's photo of the moon from 3 summers ago.

moon phases

new moon;
i love you’s echo through the room. some may call this the honeymoon phase, but i believed it
was so much more. as your arms wrapped around me, i pictures more of our future.

waxing crescent;
you met my parents and i met yours, we were intertwining our families one by one. We started to fight, which meant our relationship was good, right?

first quarter;
first three months went by and i just about wanted to cry all the time. you came home late with lipstick on your face.

waxing gibbous;
why, why, why, why, why?
i cannot do this with you.

full moon;
i am so angry, so so angry. i screamed and screamed, all you say is “i can explain” explain what? how you killed me.

waning gibbous;
i gave you an inch, but you took a mile. you will never regain my trust, but i love you.

third quarter;
i started talking to someone new and they told me to leave you. i wanted to give you one last chance.

waxing crescent;
i’m leaving soon, i saw you with her, i cannot do this anymore.

new moon;
i am made new again without the curse of you. i will be me again soon.

And now here is the phone wallpaper that inspired me to write this poem. Feel free to save any of these photos and make them your wallpaper.

See you very soon!

xoxo, Aubs

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