freedom from others

Friday, January 15, 2016

I started to write this post, but I felt like a hypocrite because I was going to tell you to get rid of people who don't serve a purpose in your everyday life. I love my friends and family and honestly wouldn't change them. I am very content with all the people and relationships in my life, therefore I felt like a hypocrite.

After a lot of thinking, I scratch my idea of telling you to get rid of people and changed up my philosophy...

To successfully get freedom from others, you should surround yourself with people that you enjoy being around and who pick you up when you are down. If someone is fun to be around, but is mean to you; they are not a good person to have in your life. If someone makes your life interesting and always has your back; they are probably a wonderful person to have in your life. 

 My friends are always there for me and are super fun to be around. I also have a lot of other friends and family that I didn't include in this post because I simply wanted to focus on these friends who don't normally show up on my blog. I kind of wanted to pay a little tribute to the wonderful people that I see everyday. I don't know what I would do without them. 

See you next week! Aubrey out!

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