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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As the new year approaches, I just wanted to prepare you all for a few changes to my blog and social media.

First off, my blog will be having one major change and a few minor.
  • url: I will post of all of my social media when this change happens and I will have this url redirect to the new one for some time. 
  • theme: this theme is great for a starter theme, but I have wanted a new one for some time. 
  • journal excerpts: I will be posting a journal excerpt once a week. I am hoping this gets me to write more, but it will also mean more posts from me every month.
  • new ambassadorships/affiliations: I don't want to spoil anything just yet, but it is very exciting! 
The next thing to change is my social media.
  • I am hoping to make all my social media, just like my blog. I want to continue the theme throughout
  • usernames: they will all be changing to my new url name in hopes that I will be easier to find online
  • current social media: follow me for updates or to be friends
twitter: @aubreysanne
instagram: @mybabychai
tumblr: mybabychai
snapchat: auburnrider206
pinterest: aubrey sochacki
spotify: Aubrey Sochacki
hellopoetry: aubrey sochacki

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I'll see you again on NYE!

xoxo, Aubrey

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