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Saturday, October 31, 2015

hello scary (but cute) people! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I love Halloween, it's the best holiday ever okay bye!

This Halloween is a little different for me because instead of trick or treating or going to a party, I am at home writing this blog post just for you guys! Also, I am extremely tired so I kinda wanna be asleep by 11.

This morning, I went out to breakfast with Lauren and than got Starbucks with Amanda a little bit later. After all of that cool stuff, I went to church for msm and hung out with some of the cool middle schoolers who decided Jesus was more important than candy (because he is!). Now I am at home, with some makeup on my face, shooting some photos for this post WOO!

Side note: If I went trick or treating this year, I would've gone as Wednesday Addams because I love her... a lot. But, I didn't go trick or treating because I am super lame, but I did decide to watch the Halloween episode of Parks and Rec because April and Andy are goals, especially when it comes to Halloween! So yeah go watch that episode because it is wonderful!

Okay I need to stop blabbing, here are the photos I took today!

Look at that little pumpkin it's so cute! It's so freaking cute! Ah what a cutie!

I love this lighting! It's so spooky and wonderful!!

Look it's the cutie pumpkin again, with a bunch of candy!

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and if you don't celebrate it, then I hope you had a good day! Keep being cute babes! Peace out...

xoxo, Aubrey :)

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