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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

hey there cuties! I just got back from a great trip to New Hampshire, where I did a lot of exploring (not really) with Angela. I know I didn't blog much while I was there, so I am going to use this post to fill you in on my little adventure to New Hampshire!

Day 1: Thursday
My flight took off at 10:30 am and I arrived at about 12 in the afternoon. I was greeted by my Aunt and my younger cousins. After we drove back to their house, we picked up some balloons for Angela and we stood outside her school waiting for her. As soon as she saw us, she exclaimed, "No!" but soon forgot that we embarrassed her and gave me a huge hug. We did the majority of our homework and ate dinner.

Day 2: Friday
Oh man Friday it rained like crazy and it was nearly freezing (probably not, but it felt like it), so Angela, Nicole, and I all bundled up in bed and watched Hotel Transylvania, because it is the cutest movie in the world. Later in the day, when the rain cleared up, we went out for Hibachi for Angela's birthday dinner. My cousins were all there and we just had a great time. Angela even got a balloon hat from our chef dude.

Day 3: Saturday
Saturday morning we found ourselves volunteering at a thrift boutique that my cousin, Vanessa, works at. I always enjoy volunteer work and I enjoyed it even more being surrounded by my cousins. After we volunteered for an hour or so, we met up with Angela's friend, Lilly. We all went and explored the shops in Dover and checked out a little fall festival. We all went to church at my cousins' church, which was a lot like my church and was very enjoyable. Lilly slept over and helped Angela and I review the book we started to write a couple summers back.

Day 4: Sunday
Sunday was a girl's day, we went to downtown Portsmouth and explored some shops and just hung out together. After Portsmouth, Angela and I colored in coloring books and just hung out.

Day 5: Monday
The worst day ever, I left. We didn't actually cry when I was leaving at the airport, but we cried after. I am not going to go into detail about us crying, so just know that when we leave each other it sucks, a lot.

I am going to go now, love you guys so much!
xoxo, Aubrey

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