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Thursday, September 10, 2015

hi beauties! I know I haven't blog for a while, my life has been a little hectic because school just started and I'm super wiped out already! So here's a little blog post showing my recent purchases (over the past two months) and just some super cute outfits for school!

Items starting on the top left and going clockwise: Abercrombie tan explorer hat. Charming Charlie's necklace. Charming Charlie's rings. BADLANDS by Halsey. Abercrombie rust suede a-line skirt. Charlotte Rouse lace collared shirt. Free People With Love Dress. Italian Sandals.

The last two are just outfits that I love and I think are versatile. 
Items starting from the left: Free People off the shoulder sweater. Abercrombie rust suede a-line skirt.
Abercrombie tan explorer hat. Forever21 Elephant t-shirt (That I turned into a t-shirt dress). Sodalite stone necklace. Take Me With You by:Aubrey Sochacki (THAT'S ME).

Like I said before, my life is a little hectic right now, so I don't exactly know when I will be able to blog next. Also, I am thinking about changing my url! I don't know yet, I gotta ask some of my friends who view my blog regularly to see what they think.

Hope everyone is having a good school year so far, see you soon! Ciao!

xoxo, Aubrey

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