comfy x cozy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

hello beauties! I originally planned on posting this yesterday but the day got away from me and I completely lost track of time. At least, I have this for you today, but first I have an announcement; I finally named my fall series. Drum roll please! The name of this series is... AUTUMN BLISS. How cute and amazing is that? I love it okay?

Anyways, time to get on with this post, about arm knitting. I recently just discovered arm knitting when a couple of friends told me about it, I went out and bought a bunch of yard and looked up numerous "how to videos" on YouTube. I spend 3 hours trying to figure out what I was doing; it has been about 6 years since I have knitted anything so I was a little bit rusty. I was so frustrated, that I had a slight temper tantrum and gave up for a while, eventually I got the hang of it. Now I have knitted two scarves and am about to start my third, I am beyond excited to show you these scarves and to attach some videos of how to make you own arm knitted scarf!

for this project you will need:
2 scenes of yarn (super bulky, #6) 

take your time 
watch the video a couple of time before starting 
if you need help, ask someone in your house. another set of eyes can really help

now for the videos
I used one from Michaels 

now get knitting and good luck! send me photos of anything you make, I'd love to see your scarves! 

xoxo, Aubrey 

strung along

Sunday, September 27, 2015

hi spooky cuties! It's that time a year again, Halloween (or fall,whatever). As soon as my calendar said that it was the first day of fall, I swear my mom started taking out all the decorations for our house! I love fall, except for the stupid head colds and that hot weather that continues to linger.

Aside from all of that, I am going to share with you some tips and photos about fall decor. Are you ready? 'Cause I am!!!

Less is More
I sound like a toilet paper commercial, but I don't really care. I honestly believe that some houses can pull off the extreme decorations, but if you don't have the guts to try that, than just stick with the simple decorations. You can never go wrong with simple.

My mom's plants continue to decorate our yard in the first two months of fall because it's still warm outside.

Clothes as decoration
As you know, I have a clothes rack in my room. I love to use my clothes rack as a decoration, mainly to show off my favorite season clothes but also to take up an awkward space in my room.

I really hope you all are enjoying fall as much as I am, I cannot wait for long nights sitting by the bonfire with my leggings and flannel! See you all very soon!!

xoxo, Aubrey

cider and donuts

Sunday, September 20, 2015

oh my gosh I am back, what the heck! I am so proud of myself for finally blogging! I am also super duper sorry about my hiatus! I am back with photos from my phone because my tripod is still very broken! :(

Today, I went to the cider mill with some of my friends and we just hung out and ran away from bees. We had so much fun and I even brought some cider and donuts home for my family. Okay enough of me trying to make up for being gone for a while, here are the photos we took. Enjoy!

Outfit details: blue shirt from Kohl's, boyfriend jeans from pacsun, and brown birkenstocks

All in all, I had such a great time and I really enjoyed some hot cider and a day with my gals. I cannot wait for more fall events to take place, and I cannot wait to blog about them! 

I'll try and be back soon! I'll be updating on a lot of things sometime this week, be on the lookout love you all so much!

xoxo, Aubrey

autumn haul

Thursday, September 10, 2015

hi beauties! I know I haven't blog for a while, my life has been a little hectic because school just started and I'm super wiped out already! So here's a little blog post showing my recent purchases (over the past two months) and just some super cute outfits for school!

Items starting on the top left and going clockwise: Abercrombie tan explorer hat. Charming Charlie's necklace. Charming Charlie's rings. BADLANDS by Halsey. Abercrombie rust suede a-line skirt. Charlotte Rouse lace collared shirt. Free People With Love Dress. Italian Sandals.

The last two are just outfits that I love and I think are versatile. 
Items starting from the left: Free People off the shoulder sweater. Abercrombie rust suede a-line skirt.
Abercrombie tan explorer hat. Forever21 Elephant t-shirt (That I turned into a t-shirt dress). Sodalite stone necklace. Take Me With You by:Aubrey Sochacki (THAT'S ME).

Like I said before, my life is a little hectic right now, so I don't exactly know when I will be able to blog next. Also, I am thinking about changing my url! I don't know yet, I gotta ask some of my friends who view my blog regularly to see what they think.

Hope everyone is having a good school year so far, see you soon! Ciao!

xoxo, Aubrey

too pretty? never

Saturday, September 5, 2015

hello beautiful humans! Today I did mini photoshoot for a new company. My tri-pod is currently broken and I need to figure out how to fix it, so these photos were all taken with my phone (they kinda suck, not gonna lie). I hope you enjoy this new company because I do. Now let me introduce you to Too Pretty Brand!!!!

Okay so, this morning I put on my new workout shirt and took my dog to the park for a walk. I swear to God this shirt is the comfiest workout shirt I have ever worn and it is also super cute!

Too Pretty's goal is to empower women to be strong no matter what, because women are "never too pretty to #be a boss"!

you can get your shirt at and you can also get 15% off when you use the promo code; TPASOCHACKI

I cannot wait to get more and more of Too Pretty's apparel, because I am so heart eye emoji about their company!

xoxo, Aubrey