Saturday, July 25, 2015

HUMAN FANS!!!! Hello, how are you?? This post isn't going to be much of a fashion post, instead it will be a post where I talk a little bit about my visit to Ann Arbor yesterday and share a ton of news with you.

To begin, Angela and I went to downtown Ann Arbor yesterday to explore and do some shopping. We went to Urban Outfitters, where I took advantage of their fabulous undies sale and then we went into a bunch of little boutiques and cried because beautiful clothes are not cheap. After shopping, I took Angela to Graffiti Alley, which she loved because who wouldn't. We went to this wonderful cafe called the Lab and got iced green tea lattes (typical) made by a very handsome barista (winky face). For dinner we went to Salads Up, which is always amazingly wonderful. Wow I just shoved so many adjectives into that paragraph jeez.

News time!!! 

First off, I have sold 15 books this month and I have a few more people who are going to buy some books through me. If you'd like to purchase a book you can do so on Amazon.

Second, I am 50 views away from 2,000 which means you will be getting a sappy thank you post super soon! I'm going to say this for the millionth time, I love you all so much and I'd love to talk to you so feel free to click any of the social media icons by my profile picture and chat with me!!

Third, I am looking for businesses to work with in the near future so if you have something you run a small business I'd love to work something out with you. You can email me at asochack@gmail.com or fill out my contact form

Lastly, I want to know how all of your summers have been so please comment below or talk to me on social media. 

Love you all so much, see you soon!!

xoxo, Aubrey

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