Thursday, July 16, 2015

hello humans or dogs, since dogs are great and I'd imagine that they would love my blog. I hope all is well with you! I haven't blogged in a week, since I have actually done so much stuff that I couldn't even access my computer. So I guess this is kind of a welcome back post, so WELCOME BACK TO ME AND TO MY VIEWERS YAY!

On Saturday, I went to Portland, ME with Angela and my other cousin, Stefanie. We went to a bunch of cute shops and I went to Anthropologie for the first time in my life! We also got lunch at this really tiny sandwich shop, and I got the biggest bang for my buck with the wrap I ate.  Below I have a few photos from our day in Maine.

On Sunday, Angela and I flew back to Michigan and really haven't done much until today. Today we went to a really boring downtown area that had zero cool shops and very few photo ops, so then we went to a park and just adventured.

In the first group of photos I am wearing the same two-piece that I always wear (from Tola Vintage) and in the second group of photos my shorts are from PacSun (last summer), my crop top is from Forever21 (last summer), and my sweater is from Free People.

Angela and I are planning something really special for our blogs, which will probably happen sometime this weekend. See you all very soon!

xoxo, Aubs

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