you liked me 'cause I was blue

Thursday, June 25, 2015

oh me! oh my! I haven't blogged all week! I am so sorry, this week has been a real pain in the toosh. Next week should be a tad bit better, I am traveling to New Hampshire late in the week, but other than that I should be able to blog.

Okay, I am going to get to the actual purpose of this post and that is...The Smoke + Mirrors tour and meeting Halsey!

At about 7:30, Halsey came on and gave a phenomenal performance, per usual. Than at about 8:15, Amanda and I made our way to the place that the VIP was to be at. We told Halsey's scary but cool tour dude, Sheppard, our names and got in line to meet Ash. There were a lot of stupid rules like no kissing on the cheek or fake kissing, but everything worked out fine.

When I walked up to Halsey, she had her arms out ready to hug me. She's literally so adorable, her hugs are the best thing ever. Then, she told me that I was adorable and that my shirt was cute. After that, we took our two photos, which were amazing and than I told her that I listened to her music everyday for 3 months after I lost my Nonni and thanked her for that. She told me that she was so sorry to hear that, but was happy that her music helped. Then, she gave me a giant hug and whispered something in my ear, but I couldn't really hear her that well so I don't know what she said. After everyone was done with the photos we got our posters and she played two songs off of Badlands (I can't tell you which ones or anything about them because I don't want to leak anything, but let me just say they're amazing #PreorderBadlandsOniTunes). I seriously hope everyone in the entire world has a chance to meet her because she is super kind and just a genuine person. Everyone deserves to meet her.

I wore a halter top and acid wash shorts from PacSun, a bralette from Free People, and a hand harness from Shop Dixi, for shoes I wore my Birkenstocks. 

I hope to see (figuratively) you all again very soon!! Love you forever and ever!

xoxo, Aubrey

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