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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello beautiful humans, I hope all is well on this glorious day! Yesterday was the first day this year that it has been sunny enough that 30 degree weather doesn't feel like 30 degree weather. Instead of sitting inside all day yesterday, I went to another city's downtown and did some exploring, shopping, and ate some delicious food.

I absolutely love street art, even if it's just people writing on a wall with a sharpie. I love seeing cute street art, such as the "Marry Me?" one I took a photo of or the quote about time, featured above. Street art is a beautiful way of expression.

I wore a t-shirt dress that is really just an extra large t-shirt from the Forever21 Men's section, I also have on a coat I bought from Lands End(They don't sell it anymore) and a plaid scarf that I got from Delia's before they closed.

My friend, Maddie is wearing a plaid skirt from American Apparel with black tights, a plain black shirt, a vintage denim jacket, and a burgundy hat from Forever21.

My friend, Trisha is wearing a red and black flannel from Target, with black tights, and a black coat.

I had such a good times with my friends and I encourage you to hang out with your friends and just enjoy each other's company.

Hope the rest of your week is amazing!

xoxo, Aubrey

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