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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Sunday and Happy March!! Guess what I have for you today? A recipe DIY thingie! I am very excited to share this with you all, because it has made it a lot easier for me to get healthy. Today I am going to share with you, how to make salads in a jar for the weeks ahead!

So this week I am only making three salads because I only have three full days of school, but I would typically make five of them.

After I get together all the stuff I can find in my fridge, I lay it out on the counter and prepare to make something amazing!

Next I make sure all the jars and lids I need are clean, if they aren't I stick them in the dishwasher when I run it.

I put the dressing or oil in the bottom first, for these three, I used the dressing I made last Saturday for one and hemp oil for the other two.  

Next, you either put in beans or hearty vegetables, you do not want to put any vegetables in that will rot or wilt. I put in baby bell peppers.

After that I pack in soft vegetables in my case, I used cucumbers and red onion. 
Next, I pack half the jar with lettuce, I used mixed greens for two of them and then I ran out so I used arugula. Last but not least, I put a tablespoon of chia seeds on top.
Chia seeds are this ancient superfood that I put in everything, on salads, in water, in oatmeal, I have even baked them into muffins. I love chia seeds!

Once you have your jars all packed, store them in your fridge for up to five days! 

Recipe for 1 jar
  • About 2 tablespoons of hemp oil, enough to cover the bottom of the jar (Find at Whole Foods or your local health store)
  • 2 baby bell peppers (I buy mine at Meijer's, but I've also seen them at Kroger and Target)
  • 1/4 Cucumber
  • Enough lettuce to fill half the jar (Arugula, Romaine, Spring Mix, Spinach, etc.) 
  • 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds (Find at your local health store. Trader Joe's also has them)

If you make these let me know on Instagram or Twitter
I hope you all have a fantastic week and to all my friends reading this, Good Luck on the ACT!! 
I will try my hardest to post this week, I might be wiped out from testing for two days, but we will see! 

xoxo, Aubrey 

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