glorious spring

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello!! It's only Wednesday? This week is taking forever! I mean I enjoy Wednesdays because I get to read with an elementary student. Today, she told me that she loves Wednesdays because she gets to see me; my heart literally melted. I also cut my hair yesterday, a little bit above my shoulders and I absolutely love it! I've been wanting to cut my hair short again, the last time it was short was 7th grade which was 4ish years ago, also I've been needing a change. If you are thinking about changing up your hair, you should totally do it! Change is good, and you will feel so confident when you do what you want.

Oh man, I worked on my How To paper for my Composition class outside today and it was very unsuccessful. I kept getting distracted by nature and the wind. 

Today I wore a long sleeve top from Brandy Melville, Silver Joga jeans, a tan peacoat from L.L. Bean and green Toms Bootas. 

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