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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hey lovelies :-) I hope everyone is having a fabulous day, I know I sure am! I decided to take a break from cleaning my room to post this for you all! All I've really done today was go to church and relax, which is all I really want to do anyways. I'm also thinking about posting some sort of diy this week, I'm feeling quite crafty!

I enlisted the help of my brother today and all he did was take a bunch of goofy candids of me dancing, so enjoy me embarrassing myself.

I have so many free people catalogs because I just love them, they're so artistic and have so much fashion inspiration in them. The subscription to the catalog is also free.

Also here I am just casually reading (not really oops) yes please by my favorite human ever, Amy Poehler. Seriously though, read Amy's book! Amy Poehler is this amazing woman, who is hilarious and honest. She is super empowering and has a great story to share with you! Also, if you hate reading, you can download the audio version on amazon!

Blue, hippie inspired shirt: kohl's
Jeans: silver jeans (these are joga boyfriend jeans, but they don't seem to sell them anymore. the ones i linked are similar) 
The Front Bottoms record: bar none records

see you soon :)

xoxo, aubrey

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