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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello beauties, Today was my first day back after a four day weekend and I could not be more tired. I didn't do much at school today expect watch a few educational movies and pre-id for act (ew.) I seriously look like I got ran over by a school bus today and my skin is horribly breaking out, so I decided not to post any pictures with my face in them, sorry :/

a lot of people ask me about my record player and whether i would recommend it or not. i would definitely recommend crosley's record players to anyone, they have great sound and a very nice needle. i have a ton of my mom's old records and they sound amazing on my crosley.

As I explored my mom's records I came across a few that I absolutely love so I thought I would indulge you all on them.
The first one I absolutely love is the American Pie by Don McLean; Don McLean is a well-known singer in my family, my uncle has been singing American Pie and Vincent at family gathering since I was about 4 years old. My favorite song off the record is Till Tomorrow. 
The second favorite record of my mom's is the Pretty in Pink soundtrack; Pretty in Pink is my favorite movie so I immediately picked up the record and jammed out. Whenever I listen to the record I imagine that I am Andie and that Blane is in love with me and then I get sad because it's not real.
The third record I love is the Violent Femmes self titled album; if you have heard this record then you know exactly why someone would love it.
My fourth and final favorite record (for the time being) is Anthology of Bread by Bread; first of all I love this record because it's the reason my mom named me Aubrey also I love the artistic tone to Bread's music.

Here is my go-to "I feel like crap", "I don't want to be here", "I need sleep" outfit.
Cardigan: forever21 ( can't find it, but nordstrom's has a similar one)
The 1975 t-shirt: i got mine through the 1975's website, but hot topic has it for cheaper
Joggers: forever21 

hope you all had or have a great day, depending on when you read this! 

xoxo, aubrey

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