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Saturday, February 21, 2015

hi everyone! today i am going to try something new, i am going to post a recipe. i am thinking about posting a recipe once a week, because i want to encourage you to make something delicious for your family, significant other, friends, just yourself, etc.
today's recipe is not my own creation, but it is one of my absolute favorites recipes.

today's recipe is from Shoshanna's kitchen and it is her "lean & green salad dressing"
(see her blog for measurements)
- apple cider vinegar (i use Bragg's)
- extra virgin olive oil (i use the organic olive oil from Costco)
- honey (raw honey is preferred, but any honey without additives should do)
- black pepper (i use the whole peppercorns)
- oregano (dry or fresh)
- Celtic sea salt (i bought mine from Shoshanna's store, but you can really use any sea salt)
- garlic (you can use garlic powder, i prefer fresh garlic myself)
- a blender of some sort (i use my vitamix, but i've seen people use a standard blender, nutribullet, food processor, etc.)

before i start making this glorious dressing i get all my ingredients out and line them up on my counter, i believe it's just easier that way.

next i add the olive oil and apple cider vinegar, it is completely normal for them to separate.

then i add the oregano, which usually lies on the top of the oil.

when adding the honey, i use a butter knife to scrape the edges of the measuring spoon so i don't waste any. 
fact: did you know that honey is the only food that never goes bad?

next i add the peppercorns

then i add the sea salt, the Celtic sea salt has a little moisture in it, so make sure you get all of it off your spoon.

 to peel garlic i take a knife and lay it flat on top of the garlic, than i press down with my hand with a lot of force. pressing down on the garlic helps the skin release from the garlic itself.

next i add the garlic.

do not forget the lid, i did this once and made a horrible mess. it seems like it would be so easy to remember this simple thing, but if you get distracted you will forget and have a big problem.

i start out very slow with the blender to mix everything up a little bit.

then i crank up the speed to high so i don't have any huge chunks of garlic or pepper.

when the dressing is all done, it should be very smooth and combined.

i put my dressing in a glass dressing container or a mason jar, you are free to use whatever container you want.

you can put this dressing on any type of salad, i prefer to put it over mixed greens and cucumber because the dressing has such a great flavor, i don't want to diminish it with a ton of veggies.

i hope you try this dressing and fall in love with it like i have, also make sure to check out Shosanna's blog and youtube channel for more healthy recipes. 

xoxo, aubrey

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