frigid tuesday

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi! It's nice to see you (maybe again)! This week is seriously taking forever, I woke up and thought it was friday. to make things worse, it is 21 degrees but with windchill it is 8 degrees. My whole house is cold, I feel like I live inside a freezer. Besides the fact that i am cold and wish it was friday already, today went pretty well. I came home and watched Grey's Anatomy from last week, did my workout, did a ton of homework, and now I am posting this! I am hoping to write some poetry tonight or do some act prep, I'll probably pick writing. :)

Today my outfit consists of a turtleneck from Forever21, Jeans from Silver Jeans, and a cardigan from Forever21 

I'll try to update tomorrow, depends how busy I am.

love always, Aubrey

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