don't leave me alone tonight

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hey hey hey. I hope all is well with all of you (if people are actually reading this)!! My day is actually going very well. I did a lot of praising the Lord at church and organized a few of my poems.

Enjoy your week everyone, I know I will; monday and tuesday off for midwinter break, can I get a heck yes? Okay i'll just give myself one, "HECK YES" I am so weird I'm sorry.

Paper: some left over journal pages my friend gave me
Notebook: i bought it at Tjmaxx this summer, i don't know if it is still for sale
Necklace: Michael's, i can't find it on their website, your best bet is to look in the store
Agate stone: urban outfitters
Record: it's from my mom's old collection but they sell it at urban also

xoxo, Aubrey

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