a letter to myself

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I got this idea from a post on free people's blog, I thought it was an interesting writing piece to put in my journal. After a long day of school, homework, and ACT prep, I finally pulled out my elephant journal, put Don McLean's record on, and sprawled out on my bed. The first couple sentences came easy to me, but the rest was a tad bit challenging.

Dear Aubrey,

Do you remember those nights when you were 8 years old and still had your mom write the alphabet on your back to help you fall asleep? She wrote each letter in cursive, the curves and dips writing on your soul. She would hum "Aubrey" by Bread early in the morning. Do you feel that scar on the side of your mouth, what about the one on the bottom of your chin, or the one on the center of your forehead? Those scars all show how you have lived. The scar on your lip is either from running into a door while chasing Bobby or falling on the stairs, which you did frequently. The one on your chin is from falling up the stairs, and the one on your forehead is from the God awful chicken pox that you got in 6th grade. All these scars show what you have been through and what you have overcome.

A year before 6th grade, you lost your best friend, your beloved Grammy. Your Grammy watched you from the time you were born until you were 4 years old, you two would watch Veggie Tales or as she called them "Weggie Tales" because she had a Polish accent and all. In 5th grade, you lost your "favorite lady" to Pancreatic Cancer and I swear you cried for a month straight and all you wanted was a hug from her. You really loved your Grammy, but you also loved your Nonni. 

 Your Nonni taught you about being Sicilian and how to make pasta perfectly. Then in the very beginning of 2014, you lost her to Lymphoma and you've been devastated every since, you almost cry every month because you just want to tell her so many things, but she's not here. And now you are having a pretty good year because you have great friends and family. You are happy with occasional sadness, but the future looks way better. 

In 2 years you will be off to your dream university, studying business and youth ministry. After college, Angela and you are going to open a cafe, it will flourish, maybe you'll name it Sophie's after your Grammy, maybe not. You will get married to the man of your dreams and Angela will marry her tattooed man. You will have beautiful children, who love their "Aunt" Angela (They will call her Aunt because you two are more sisters than cousins). Your life will be just what God planned it to be and you will be happy. Remember to love God and the things he gives you. 

Love always, Aubrey.

I strongly encourage you to write a letter to your self, it helps make you self aware and can even help improve your confidence. Writing to myself helped me discover myself more, and it can help you too. 

xoxo, aubs

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